Give to the Max Results
Thank you to everyone who made November 9th a success!
  • 2 individuals challenged us to raise $15,000 this fall
  • 2 fundraisers set up additional challenge matches
  • 22 individuals became fans of CTA or the fundraisers
  • Official Give 2 the Max Day results (donations made on the website Nov. 9)
    • 74 individuals and companies...
    • Made $8,533 in donations.
    • Community Tax Aid placed 31st for amount of donations out of 900+ organizations--a wonderful result for such a small organization
  • Donations are still coming, as of November 15, 12 donors made contributions of $2,385 in the days before and after Give to the Max Day making a total of
  • $10,918 toward our $15,000 fall matching grant.
  • Because every donation was matched dollar for dollar, together we have raised $21,836 as of November 15th.

Thank you again for making it possible!

CTA Fans
Fredric Bader
J.C. Craig
Laura Craig
Shai Chu
Bonnie Goldstein
Teresa Hinze
Shelly Lane
Edward Laskowski
Philip Levine
Barbara Mantegani
Anne Murphy
Paul Miller
Thomas Ochsenschlager
Mary Pierre
Luke Reynolds
Sandra Saydah
Samuel Shelton
Kenneth Simonson
Eugene Steuerle
Peter Tatian
Joann Weiner
Lewis Yelin

Give to the Max Day Donors
Anonymous (in honor of Delia Craig)
Sandra E. Akbar
Fredric Bader
Alysse Barrett Henkel
Emily Bleimund
Michael J. Burton
Ashley Caja
Robert Choo
Miguel Contreras
Emily Coronado
Linda M. Couch (in appreciation of
   Jim Gray and Henry Louie)
Ellen E. Craig
John Charles Craig
Laura Craig (in honor of Pablo Craig)
Laura Craig (in memory of Dale Craig)
Cotton & Company LLP
E Lee Davenport
Jay R. Defibaugh
Harley T. Duncan
Thomas Essenmacher
Shoshannah Freilich
Stacy Fresch
Amy Friedheim
Anjali Garg
Bonnie Goldstein (in honor of
    CTA Board member Joann Weiner)
Jim H. Gray
Joan M. Griffin
John G. Haaga
Teresa Hinze
Virginia A. Hodges
Arlene E. Holen
Stephen D. Holt
Megan Clare Johnson
Shelly R. Lane
Edward Laskowski
Philip J. Levine
Henry J. Louie
Donald C. Lubick
Barbara J. Mantegani
    (in memory of Terry Verosi)
F. Gordon Maxson
Susan E. May
   (in honor of Henry Louie)
McGuire Williams Inc.
Katherine McKee
Paul and Lee Miller
Ellen N. Mitchell
Lindsay R. Morris
Beth A. Mullen
Anne M. Murphy
Emily Ochsenschlager
Thomas P. Ochsenschlager
Christine M. Panagos
    (in memory of Alice Mantegani)
Edward Petersen
Nancy M. Pindus
Mary Pierre
David Raglin
Jessica A. Reese
Luke W. Reynolds
Duane Rosenberg
Robert Tispler
Sam Rosen-Amy
Regenia Ryan
Sandra L. Saydah
Tom Schweinefuss
Samuel G. Shelton
Kenneth Simonson
Janet Spann
    (Henry, great job. Thank you. Janet)
Eugene Steuerle
    (with thanks to Joann Weiner)
Art Stigile
Molly Rebecca Stoner
Liz Terry
Doreen M. Treacy
Karen A. Vaughan
Robert A. Weinberger
Joann Weiner
Richard L. Weiner
Jane Wetzel (Here's to Barb
   Mantegani for all her hard work and
   dedication from her first instructor!)
Michelle R. Williams
Peter B. Wilson
Frank and Linda Yelin
Lewis Yelin

If we have inadvertently left your name off of the list, we apologize. Please contact us to let us know.